WT20 1.6mmx175mm Red Tungsten Electrode

WT20 1.6mmx175mm Red Tungsten Electrode
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WT20 1.6mmx175mm Red Tungsten Electrode

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 Thoriated tungsten electrode contains 0.8%-4.2% thorium oxide,its electron work function is 2.7eV.Arc to be easier,electric arc stable.It performs well with overload current,so it's widely used in various TIG and PAW.

 Now,Thorium-tungsten electrode is widely used in welding carbon steel,stainless steel,nickel alloy and titanium metal.It becomes the first selection material for high quality welding.

Name2.0% Thorium Tungsten Electrode
Intermingled Quantity%1.80-2.20
Top colorRed
ApplicationWelding carbon steel,staineless steelnickel alloy and titanium metal

Diameter:from 1.0mm to 10.0mm,main in 1.6mm,2.4mm and 3.2mm


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tig welding tungsten electrode

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