Pure Tungsten bar

Pure Tungsten bar
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1.pure tungsten rods

Tungsten - pure tungsten rod, pure tungsten plate, tungsten needle

Tungsten is a high melting point, high temperature strength and creep resistance and thermal conductivity, conductivity and electron emission properties are good, than the major. low

Expansion coefficient and the lowest metal vapor pressure. General use of powder metallurgy approach to the system.

One aircraft application:

A resistance welding machine electrode, a sputtering target, a counterweight, and a heating element.

Specifications: plate, round bar. According to the drawings to provide a variety of tungsten processed products.

2.the application of pure tungsten rods

Pure tungsten rods have special properties such as low thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity, sufficient resistance to resistivity, and high modulus of elasticity. So tungsten rods are widely used in various fields. Such as support lines, lead wires, printer needles, various electrodes and quartz stoves, filaments, high-speed tools, automotive automation products, sputtering targets

3.the nature of pure tungsten rods


? glass melting

? high-temperature furnace heating elements, structural parts

? Welding electrodes

? filament

? for the X-37B on the weapons

4.the characteristics of pure tungsten

Chinese "tungsten" and symbol "W" are from the German Wolfram source. Recently, it was found that the three most stable isotopes of tungsten are slightly radioactive.

Pure tungsten is a steel gray to tin white hard metal, very pure tungsten can be sawing sawn (pure tungsten is very brittle and difficult to process). Tungsten processing means forging, stretching and impact. In all metals, tungsten has the highest melting point of 3422 ° C, the lowest vapor pressure, and the highest tensile strength (1650 ° C). Its corrosion resistance is very good, most of the inorganic acid on its erosion is very small. It forms a protective oxide on the surface of the air, but it is completely oxidized at high temperatures. Adding a small amount of tungsten can greatly increase the hardness of steel.

Tungsten in tungsten is a chemical element, its chemical symbol is W, its atomic number is 74, is an off-white transition metal. It is a very hard, steel gray to white transition metal. Containing tungsten minerals are wolframite and scheelite. The physical characteristics of tungsten are very strong, especially its melting point is very high, is the highest of all non-alloy metals. Pure tungsten is mainly used in electrical and electronic equipment, and many of its compounds and alloys are also used in many other applications (the most common bulb filament, in the X-ray tube and in tungsten is also used in high-temperature alloys).

5.pure tungsten rod chemical composition

Chemical composition: tungsten> 99.95%

Pure tungsten rod physical properties:

Density: 19.3 g / cm3

Melting point (liquid): 3422 ° C

Conductivity: 30% IACS Min

Hardness: 69HRA Min.

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