Tungsten Plates

Tungsten Plates
Product Details

Ion implantation suitable for processing parts, used in making electric light source parts and electric vacuum devices Used to make tungsten boat, high temperature furnace, heat shield and heating element. For tungsten, sputtering target materials

Selects the high quality tungsten powder, processed into good performance of the slab, in a special rolling technology in producing tungsten plate, sheet, has the processing performance is good, and low impurity content.
Product standards: GB/T3875-83 or ASTM B 760-86 (1999) Reapproved
Tungsten plate (film) specifications:
0.05 ~ 50 mm (thickness) (width) x 100 x 50 ~ 500 mm to 1500 mm (length)

chemical composition

     Tungsten content

All other elements

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